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What We Do

We bring the future to life

Many of IAG's innovations began as seed ideas in Firemark.

We identified their potential, invested in their development and accelerated their growth.

By building an incubation ecosystem across industry, venture capital, academia and government, we identify systems of opportunity to explore, evaluate and commercialise.

Four cities

Our cross-functional hubs in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore and Auckland, provide access to a breadth of talent and depth of experience to develop ideas that deliver business impact.

Three functions

The ability of our different functional areas and skill sets to work (and play) together gives us a competitive advantage.

One Firemark flame motif

One Firemark

Many see us as rebels & renegades, but at our core we're all problem solvers. Sharing a common ambition and way of working ensures our collaborative spirit is the only one we know.

Centres of Gravity

Our secret identities are our superpowers

We are often faced with complex, even immutable problems that require off-the-wall thinking to solve. These are the times we remind ourselves who we are, what we do and how we aspire to disrupt the insurance industry. Answers are usually not far behind.

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We proactively connect to build trusted partnerships. We create space for spirited debate, embrace diversity and join the dots to find common ground.

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Creators & Builders

We understand the power of design and the value of experimentation, learning and iteration. We co-create and have a bias for action to deliver at pace.

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Leaders & Storytellers

We inspire those around us into action by sharing a compelling vision of what is possible. We have the tenacity to drive clarity from the complex.

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System Thinkers

We have the ability to see how things interconnect to reveal a larger strategic picture. We can zoom in, out and across the business to uncover new opportunities.

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging (DIB)

Innovation depends upon wide-open minds and diverse, often confronting perspectives that push boundaries.

It also requires a mish-mash of personalities.

We are technologists, data scientists, engineers, polymorphs, designers, venture capitalists, actuaries, karaoke singers, scuba divers and street art enthusiasts from multiple ethnic, religious and generational groups.

Learn more about IAG's commitment to DIB here.

Gender, ethnic and racial diversity

By closing the identity gaps, we continue to embrace community

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Scott K. Bishop

Diversity drives creativity. Within Firemark, we make space for the "misfits" that don't traditionally fit into corporate culture.

We put more weight on raw talent, passion, drive, and resilience. We debate and make space for the messy conversations that many companies shy away from.

Scott K Bishop

EGM Innovation and Venturing

Firemark origin

Origins of Firemark

What’s in a name?

As far back as the early 1700’s, a metal plaque called a ‘fire mark’ was placed on buildings as a symbol of protection.

Created after the calamitous events of the Great Fire of London, (which also gave rise to the concept of modern day insurance), the ‘fire mark’ allowed fire brigades to quickly identify insured properties and provide emergency services as needed.

Sign of the times

For customers of yesteryear, the ‘fire mark’ symbol was more than just a method of identification. It became a badge of distinction.

Fast forward 300 years and the Firemark logo of today continues that tradition - representing the inner spark of imagination and the outer fire of resilience. The twin elements every business needs to succeed.

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