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to better navigate an uncertain future

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At Firemark Futures, we deep dive into the unknown, searching for information, insights and actions that provide value today and answers about tomorrow.

Who we are

IAG's dedicated centre for research and knowledge sharing

Research benefits business.

Which is why we continue to increase our storehouse of knowledge, engage with a global network of researchers and ensure the free flow of information, insight and foresight across organisational and geographical boundaries.

Our Capabilities

Dealing with risk is a part of life

What should we know as we lean into the future?

Insurance is the understanding of risk. And risk rarely stands still. To keep up with its changing shape and consequences we engage with a variety of partners, explore different technologies and employ a number of research methodologies to ensure we cover as many angles of the unknown as possible.

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Emerging Futures

We look to near and far horizons searching for opportunities that align with IAG’s strategic priorities.

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Technology Futures

We identify specific applications of emerging technologies and the risks they bring to IAG and our customers.

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Knowledge Futures

We offer knowledge as an asset and amplify it by articulating our findings through powerful stories.

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Cooperative Research

We partner with academic, industry and government ecosystem players to facilitate learning and the exchange of ideas.

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Value Chain Enrichment

We use research to enable & empower our supply chain so they can develop new products & services, improve quality, lower costs and be more sustainable.

Our work

We are driven by the search for practical solutions to everyday and structural problems

As a corporate research house, we approach all our projects with the same unapologetic spirit of enquiry and discovery, whether it’s an open examination of possibilities at an industry level or solving supply chain challenges.

Cooperative Partnering

Dynamic learning is the instrument that sharpens our competitive edge

While we have an established partner network and in-house testing capabilities,

we also understand some of the toughest problems require an outside-in specialist approach where we engage with a number of academic partners in different ways:

IAG Chair of Risk in Smart Cities

In collaboration with the UNSW Chair, Professor Dixit, and with a focus on the development of safer, more resilient and better connected communities, we are investigating how people and systems will interact in Smart Cities of the future.


The PhD-in-Residence program enables IAG to explore and develop a deep understanding of pertinent future areas of opportunity and risk by bringing in high quality external talent or supporting the upskilling of internal staff though a PhD Degree.

Visiting Scholar Series

We love to learn and welcome the chance to collaborate with leading edge academics and researchers who are deeply passionate about their research and can empower us to think differently.

Research with us

We are constantly on the lookout for potential partners to take our research to the next level.

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The Firemark Advantage

A research network like no other

Ventures and Labs provide us with the pathways to see our research come to life in the development of many of IAG’s products and services, both in the near future and over the long term.